Jaume Genover Collection

It consists of 6,709 press-books of films premiered between the years 1954 and 2003, 471 film books and 317 numbers of specialized journals.

The Girona-born Jaume Genover, film critic and documentary filmmaker, died March 8, 2018 in S'Agarķ at 67 years old. Behind was a long and intense professional career dedicated to film, which led him to collaborate with many magazines specialized in the seventh art, such as "Fotogramas" or "Dirigido por..." ..., and participate in the writing of several books, especially encyclopedic works or compilations.

Admired and respected by film critics and journalists, he stood out above all as one of the great documentary filmmakers of our country in the pre-Internet era. This specialization led him to gather a large library and film archive, which the family of Jaume Genover has decided to donate to the Film Museum

The Jaume Genover Collection consists of 471 film books, 317 specialized magazine numbers and 6,709 press-books of films from 1954 to 2003. This collection will become part of the library of the Film Museum and its documentary collection.

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