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In the Museum of Cinema Shop you can buy zoetropes, praxinoscopes, mutoscopes, phenakistoscopes and other pre-cinema devices, merchandising related to the museum, and some kinds of articles associated with the world of the seventh art.


Tel.: +34 972 412 777

Room hire

The Museum of Cinema has various spaces that can be hired out to companies and private individuals for the organization of different events in them. The projections workshop (left) seats 40, with the possibility of extending it to 60, and has loudspeakers and a projector for DVDs and PCs. The audio-visuals room (right) seats 25 and has a DVD and PC projector.

For more information contact us at oor by telephone +34 972 412 777.

Exhibition hire

The Museum of Cinema has exhibitions that have been created to travel. They are specially designed for medium-sized rooms (100-200m2) and it is easy to assemble them. You can find more information about them in the section on travelling exhibitions..

Granting of images

The Museum of Cinema has a large stock of images of objects from its collections, related especially to pre-cinema and the devices used in the early days of the cinema. These images can be granted to companies and private individuals, for the illustration of books, webpages, etc.

For more information contact us at or by telephone +34 972 412 777.

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