Seminar on the Origins and History of Cinema

Imatge del 8è Seminari

Since 1999 the Museum of Cinema and Girona University have jointly organized a seminar on the origins and history of cinema, now held every other year.

The aim of this seminar, the only one of its kind on this subject in Spain, is to be both a forum for discussion and debate on a theme related to the origins and history of the cinema, and also a place where researchers can publish their research in these fields.

General functioning

A theme proposed by the organization is the common thread of the speakers and the papers that are read over the two days that the seminar lasts. The organization commissions keynote speeches from noted international researchers and opens a period for the submission of papers. Apart from the specific theme of the seminar, there is a section for papers on pre-cinema and early cinema. The proceedings of the seminar are published the following year.

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