Francesc Junyent Collection

On the 19th anniversary of its inauguration (8/4/1998), the Museum of Cinema incorporates 791 objects from the Francesc Junyent Collection, precinema and children's cinema. The Francesc Junyent Collection has two main sections: precinema and children's cinema. The Precinema section is mainly devoted to the magic lantern (23 magic lanterns and 173 slides), although there are other elements related to shadow theater, moving image or stereo photography (161 elements). The part of children's cinema or toy's cinema (434 items) is largely devoted to products derived from the Cine NIC brand, both those produced at the Barcelona factory, and others manufactured in other parts of the world under the NIC patent (United States, France, Italy ...). Also in this section there is a good number of toys related to the moving image, whether they are children's movie projectors of different brands, as well as varied toys.

The precinema is the area of ​​the collections of the Museum of the Cinema more important, more singular and more determining for what it is considered one of the best museums in the world in precinema and cinema of the origins. Therefore, with this entry of the Francesc Junyent Collection, the Museum of Cinema improves quantitatively and qualitatively this area of ​​the precinema and, as a result, reinforces the level of excellence of its Collections, especially, from the section dedicated to the magic lantern.

Francesc Junyent was a teacher, and throughout his life he had a great cultural divulgation activity, which led him to found and / or preside over several cultural entities of the Bages, to be the author of several books on the divulgation of the historical heritage , artistic and natural, especially in the region of the Bages, to collaborate in the newspaper Region 7, among other activities. He was a good friend of Tomās Mallol. As a result of this friendship, the interest of Francesc Junyent was born by the precinema and the decision to begin this collection

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