Itinerant | Film couples

Hollywood 1920-1970

Thursday, July 2 - 12:00 AM – Museu del Cinema

Often, in the cinema, it is obvious that the union on the screen of a particular actor and a particular actress produces a special chemistry, an intense spark that arises from the crossing of styles, of the closeness of bodies or the exchange of glances. It is a sensual and intellectual chemistry that some couples produce spontaneously on the screen and which has nothing to do with screenwriters or directors. It does not obey any written law, nor is there any rule to explain to us this mutual understanding. It just happens, and everybody perceives it.
This exhibition brings us 60 couples from the history of classic Hollywood films (1920-1970), which had this special on-screen chemistry. We are shown it by 60 large-format photographs, with high-quality reproductions, and they exude the charm and the magic of these couples.

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