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Storyboard of the short Foc al Cāntir, by Frederic Amat, based on a script by Joan Brossa.

From October 2 to December 9, 2001 – Museu del Cinema

Círculo de Lectores has produced the short Foc al Cāntir, directed by Frederic Amat, with a film script by Joan Brossa from 1948, as a tribute to the poet who with his poetry kept us awake with regard to life and friends.
The exhibition presents the storyboard that Frederic Amat painted for the shooting and which he later enriched with photographs taken when the short was filmed, at the same time turning it into the "making of" the film.
Foc al Cāntir contains many elements of the iconographical and poetic constellation of Brossa's work: insertions as poetic and typographical gaps in the course of the images, irony tied to sentimentalism, the world of white magic or the commedia dell'arte. The presence of objects bound to a poetry of the unconscious and close to the surrealist atmosphere, in a game of correspondences, surprising for their power of poetic suggestion, evoked by a love story and its secrets.


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