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The Film: Shooting in Girona

From March 11 to June 8, 2003 – Museu del Cinema

Over fifty years ago, the shooting of the film Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, with Ava Gardner, James Mason and Mario Cabré, shook up the life of post-war Girona. Since then there have been other films shot in Girona, but none of them has been as important to and seduced the people of Girona as much, until, a year ago, director David Trueba came to make a film of the well-known novel Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) by Cáceres-born Gironan Javier Cercas.
The Soldados de Salamina phenomenon and its filming in Girona has brought mobilizations, the participation of the citizens and more press coverage than ever, comparable only to when Ava Gardner's Pandora appeared.
This exhibition takes a look at the filming of Soldados de Salamina in and around Girona, with over 90 photographs of the shoot, the continuous projection of the documentary Salaminos by Robert Bellsolà, which perfectly transmits to the spectator the atmosphere and the emotions of those who actively or passively experienced the filming, and, also, with the exhibition of several objects associated with the novel and the film.

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