Archive | The Cinema as a Great Toy

Exhibition programmed for the holding in Girona of the Cartoon Forum, the European Audio-visual Animation Congress, 19th-22nd September 2007.

From September 18 to February 3, 2008 – Museu del Cinema

In the early decades of the twentieth century, the cinema boomed. Its expansion reached everywhere and fans of an unusual narrative form, the animated film, began to appear. This new genre was also transferred to the world of toys with children's film cameras. In Barcelona in 1931 the Nicolau brothers patented the first children's cartoon film projector under the name Cine NIC. The device and its films were soon exported all over the world, the patent was sold to companies in many countries and new makes appeared that copied the mechanism invented by the Nicolau brothers.
In this exhibition, and through the Museum of Cinema's collections, we present their legacy so that you can discover or recall the fantastic world that, for decades, turned the cinema into a great toy.


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