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Symbolic images and famous quotes from great film actors. Vicenç Arroyo Collection

From 13th october 2020 until 25th april 2021 – Museu del Cinema

John Ford stressed the importance of actors with a famous question: “Have you seen William Holden walk? Well, that’s cinema.” Actors are the human element of the footage, the people who add the action to the story. They’re also cinema’s main iconographic element. Their suggestive image on the screen has made them the key element of cinema’s commercial framework. Beyond this public image, being an actor is also a profession and a vocation.

As we did in a previous exhibition devoted to “Iconic (Actresses)”, we once again propose a journey, but in this case one that includes autographed portraits of the great actors of the 20th and 21st centuries from the Vicenç Arroyo collection, complemented by some of the most famous quotes of each one. We review the iconography of the great performers, those who have become indelible symbols and memories for millions of film-lovers, and we'll learn more about their opinions on film art, the business, fame, the profession, reviews and cinematographic audiences.

As American producer D.A. Doran said: “There are three types of people: men, women and actors”. Well, let’s get started and find out a little more about these unique characters.

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