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Magic Lantern

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Lampascope lantern

Aubert. "Bouddha" (2nd version). France. 1870-79. Reg. 07155

This is one of the favourite models of the magic lantern due to its rarity and its original, elegant design. It is one of the few if not the only magic lantern to be manufactured with an anthropomorphic shape. Louis Aubert was one of the most important European manufacturers of magic lanterns for domestic use. His production of lanterns began in 1842 and was typified by models with great ornamental detail, coloured and finished with bright varnish and imaginative shapes that where greatly successful amongst the French bourgeoisie. The "Bouddha" lantern and the "Eiffel Tower" lantern, the latter in the shape of the famous Parisian tower, are considered his masterworks.

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