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The Visual and Corporeal Poems of Joan Brossa

From February 2 to May 2, 1999 – Museu del Cinema

The letter A symbolizes the door that opens to the cinema, to the committed situations of Chaplin, the smile of Harpo Marx, the social realism of Eisenstein, the fantasy of Berkeley, the surrealism of Buņuel, the tradition of Kurosawa, the neorealism of De Sica, the nouvelle vague of Melville, the politics of Costa-Gavras, the futurism of Ridley Scott, the society of Jarmusch.
Brossa waited patiently and stubbornly to be able to gather his above-mentioned friends with Tomās Mallol to elevate the A of Cinema to the top of the seventh pillar of the Arts.
The exhibition, curated by Tristān Barbarā, presents visual and corporeal poems by Joan Brossa. With the opening of this exhibition, a permanent corporeal poem by Joan Brossa entitled A de Cinema (A for Cinema) will be installed in Plaįa de Santa Susanna, in front of the Museum of Cinema, and on the cornice of the museum itself.

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