Archive | 2001, The Phantom Threat

Science Fiction Films

From December 18, 2000 to April 28, 2001 – Museu del Cinema

Science fiction films are merely a mirror in which our society's fears of a future full of uncertainty are reflected. This future is seen as something threatening, which hides behind everyday appearances.
In this exhibition we shall see that science fiction films present the cities of the future, and the totalitarian systems that usually govern them, as the distorted image of today's cities and society. Animalization, distortion, alienation and robotization are the metaphor of our human condition perverted by uncontrolled progress. The obsession with the existence of other worlds is the consequence of our fear of the double, the alter ego. And our utopias, the mental images created from all this, represent at the same time the balm and the threat, both of them latent in the power of imagination. Where do all these images that bewitch and torment us come from? From our power to invent fictional stories or from our own reality? At the end of the exhibition, two videographic montages invite us to reflect on the essential question: where is the reality and where is the fiction?

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