Archive | Dalí and Optical Illusions

The Allies of the Paintbrush

From June 15 to November 1, 2004 – Museu del Cinema

Throughout his long career, Dalí often used scientific procedures and optical instruments, such as anamorphic drawings, stereoscopic or three-dimensional images, holograms, hidden and double images, animated images and lenses, to create optical illusions. Thanks to this knowledge of the technology of the image, Dalí broadened the visual resources in his painting, and even transcended it, to show clearly the subjective versatility of perception.
All these visual resources have a historical basis of which Dalí had deep knowledge. Therefore, the Museum of Cinema sets out, with this show, to connect Dalí's work related to optical illusions with its historical reference points. In other words, we are presenting an essentially didactic exhibition that links the Museum of Cinema's patrimonial collections to part of the work of Salvador Dalí.

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