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Non-digital Special Effects in the Cinema

From May 31 to September 2, 2007 – Museu del Cinema

E.T., Terminator, Star Wars, The War of the Worlds, Sin City, Pan's Labyrinth; all these films have some things in common: magic, spectacle, excitement ... and the SFX, or rather the special effects, so confusing today in the digital era, as we take it for granted that everything is done by computer. But that's not true. The artists, who since the days of Georges Méliès and with the aid of many auxiliary techniques (mechanics, robotics, make-up, sculpture, etc.), have deceived the eye of the spectator, making him or her believe and see what is not real, have remained anonymous.
This show is dedicated to all the artists who are part of the history of the cinema and also to their current methods of working, with the exhibition of several works done by the Catalan company DDT Efectos Especiales, recently awarded the Oscar for Best Makeup for their work on the film Pan's Labyrinth.

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