Dr. Pompeu Pascual and Maria Gifre Collection

This collection is made up of advertising material for films from between 1910-1930, which the old cinema in Llagostera, the Cine Pabelló Catalunya, received from the film distributors of the period.

A group of materials from the old cinema in Llagostera owned by local industrialist Josep Recolons i Morell ended up in the possession of Dr. Pascual, who donated it to the Museum of Cinema on 27th December 2012.
The donation comprises:
- Poster for the film Max n'aime pas les chats, by Max Linder (1913).
- 238 press-books and/or promotional material of films for cinemas (1910-1930), sent by film distributors, including L. Gaumont, Pathé Frères, J. Verdaguer, J. Gurguí, Casanovas y Piñol, Ernesto González, Etna Films, Repertorio Dulcinea, Cabot y Piñot, José M Bosch and Orbe.
- 60 copies of film magazines (1910-1930): Cine Universal, Mundo Cinematográfico, Mutua de defensa cinematográfica española, Studio Films, Boletín de Varietés de la Agencia Camilo Vives, Revista de la Casa Ernesto González.

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